Partnership with Foundation Valentina

Let me write a few personal words on the background and motives of my cooperation with this foundation. At the heart of it lies my deeply personal relationship with Valentina, a little girl who, sadly, is no longer with us. At the age of 7, this highly gifted, intelligent and humorous child came to me for flute lessons. I taught Valentina for three years, after which she changed schools and went to the grammar school in Ravensburg. From that time on, our busy schedules made it impossible to continue the lessons.
But then her mother started to study the flute with me. Unfortunately, soon afterwards she told me the sad news that Valentina was seriously ill. I hoped until the end that this wonderful child would win her tough fight against her insidious illness. Sadly, this hope was not fulfilled and Valentina passed away.
It is therefore all the more important for me to give my constant support to this wonderful foundation as a cooperating partner.

A portion of the loudspeaker sales revenue will be donated to the Valentina Foundation.

A foundation to support home care and intensive care, especially for children with cancer and other seriously ill children and their families.

Valentina Peter was a cheerful, clever and musically very talented girl, who went to the humanistic Spohn middle school in Ravensburg, where special classes are offered for highly gifted children in addition to their elementary school studies. She was barely 12 years old when she received the deadly diagnosis of bone cancer. Even so, she was always jolly and tough. She accepted the tumor’s declaration of war and became a fighter, together with the University Hospital in Ulm. Her confidence in the pediatric oncology department of the University Hospital Ulm (KK3), as well as her cheerfulness were unshakable until the end. On April 9, 2016 she passed away peacefully at the end of her last stay at the hospital.

Help us!

Quite a number of children – one of whom was Valentina – are afflicted by serious cancers, irrespective of age, gender and origin. The inevitable therapy usually means a very long ordeal for the children and their whole family, with at best a chance of survival but never a guarantee. Often the best solution is to provide these children, especially in the last phase of their lives, with intensive medical care at home. The Ulm University Hospital, Department of Paediatric Oncology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Steinbach has initiated a project (PalliKJUR) that, together with local clinical partners, enables palliative and intensive medical support for seriously ill children in rural areas. The partner in the district of Ravensburg is the OSK.