When we listen to live music, we are not the least bit concerned about where the musicians are located in the room and, if we move about the room, we experience the music wherever we are. Therefore, the question seems to be almost obvious: shouldn’t a loudspeaker release music into the room in the same way? Of course they should. Unfortunately, however, in most cases that’s not what they do at all.

Conventional speaker systems cannot faithfully recreate music as we hear it in a live setting. No matter how large or expensive they are, whatever type of cabinet design, drive units, cone materials, toe-in, or crossover techniques are implemented, directional speakers will always YELL in your face, to a certain extent. Only loudspeakers with a non-directional radiation pattern are able simply to let the music fill the room. Rather than feeling compelled to sit rigidly in the “sweet spot” and be pinned down by the sound as if delivered by a megaphone, it is possible to walk around the room and the music will follow.
Our DORN loudspeakers will give you a superior sense of spaciousness and of “being there”, just like a concert, no matter where you’re actually sitting in the room.